HRH Princess Katarina is the chairman of the organising committee of the III International Sambo Tournament “Presidents Cup”.  Princess Katarina is a member of two Royal Dynasties. She is a member of The British Royal Family and The Serbian Royal Family of Karageorgevich. HRH works closely with British and International organisations, and is also  President of Guild of Travel and Tourism, President of the Foundation of Medieval Genealogy and a Trustee of the Katie Cutler Foundation.

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Lord – Lieutenant of Perth and Kinross, Brigadier Melville Stewart Jameson, CBE is co-chairman of the organising committee of the  III Presidents Cup. Appointed by Queen in 2006 he is representative of the Crown in Perth and Kinross. Brigadier Jameson served at the Royal Scot Dragoons Guards and then moved on to manage Edinburgh Military Tattoo for the 12 successful years. 


Michael Wynne Parker,

Knight Grand Cross of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem

President of the Commonwealth Sambo Association, consultant to public and private companies, governments, charities and individuals. Trustee of the Castle of Mey Foundation.

Vasily Shestakov

Freeman of the City of London,                                                                                         President of International Federation (FIAS),                                                                    

Businessman, co-owner of the Group of companies “NORD-MET”.  Professional football player in the past. At present involved in a few charitable projects. Chairman of the Trustees Committee of the Drugs and Alcohol Addiction treatment and Rehab Center in‍‍‍ St.Peterburgh.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍The Head of the British Combat Sambo section. World and European Sambo heavy-weight medalist. 

Head of Development of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS). Public person and entrepreneur working for the development of sport. Executive Director of the Tournament

Founder and Chairman of UK Defense and Security Forum, a former British Conservative politician. During her time as an MP at Westminster Olga Maitland was a member of the Parliamentary Select Committees for Education, Health and Procedures, Northern Ireland, Defence & Foreign Affairs, and was sometime secretary to the Conservative Backbench Committee.

Public person and entrepreneur working on the promotion of sambo as an Olympic sport and organising international events. Advi‍‍‍ser to FIAS President.

Leo Malim is a technology and finance entrepreneur based in London. He is an Executive Director of REM Capital, a Structured Finance and Commodities Trading firm. Leo is a founding partner‍‍‍ of the Alchiba Group of companies and also a board member of the New York listed company, Britannia Mining. He is a keen pilot with both rotary and fixed wing licenses.

Founder and CEO of Peerless Gas Controls Ltd, the UK national flagship in the manufacturing of gas controls. Owner of Lomax Group. Former GBR Sambo Champion.

Alexander Semjonov

Lieutenant Colonel Nick Turner

Trustee of various Regimental and Military Charities. Representative Colonel (Derbyshire), The Mercian Regiment. Under Warden, The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters.

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Kensigton Palace, London

The Temple, London

Manchester Town Hall

Matthew Clempner

Leo Malim

Steve Crutchley

Alexander Kuznetsov  

Andrey Moshanov

Cavalry and Guards Club, London


Andrey Goncharenko - The founder of Charitable Trust, dedicated to the care of the children with severe diseases , gives assistance to orphanages, supports various social sport and cultural causes.    

Vadim Fi‍‍‍lkenshtein

‍‍‍‍‍‍Named as the most creative entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, he is the President and the owner of M1 Global (est.1997), the mixed martial arts p‍‍‍romotion company based in Russia St.Petersburg, which organises nearly 200 events per year.

Martin Clarke is the President of British Sambo Federation, established in 1986. World and European sambo medalist.

Martin Clarke

Sergey Eliseev

‍‍‍President of European  Sambo Federation, public person


Fyodor Yurchikhin

‍‍‍Fyodor Yurchikhin is the Greek-Russian astro‍‍naut with five flights to the space, with the latest as the Chief of the USA-Russian Expedition on the MS-04. He is The Ambassador of Peace and a true supporter of Sambo.  

Lady Olga Maitlan‍‍‍d

Public person and entrepreneur working on the promotion of       sambo as Olympic sport world-wide and organiser of international sports  and fund-raising events. Adviser to FIAS President.